How I was raised

As I look back to when I was little and how I was raised I feel that children now a days are missing out on so much. Children these days are to hooked on technology. They should do what this poster says: The good life

I grew up in a wonderful time. I grew up where children played outside, we ate what mom cooked. We did not have cell phones, or tablets. We lived just the way the poster says.

I just have a few questions, why do some people who have children why they may baby and spoil one and in away ignore the other one. I just feel bad for children now a days. They all in some way or another are all sheltered. I guess it was just the way  I was brought up.  See my parents were very open to everything. We had wonderful neighbors. We hung out with all the children on the street boy or girl it didn’t matter.  Through out my life I have had friends that were both boys and girls and it is still that way today. I still have friends that are guys and gals. My parents when I was little had friends that were both and they both would hang out with them all the time. We were taught that friends are friends it doesn’t matter what they are. Also I was taught that you also should not let someone to tell you who and how you should live your life and who you should socialize with. I understand there are people out there that have trust issues and that is fine, but keep it to yourself. Just because you do not trust doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t trust. I trust everyone I know and all my friends. As I have said I have friends that are both, but most of my friends are guys, because I get along better with them, and the ones that I have that are gals, are like me and have mostly guy friends and when they need girl time we all get together. I am sorry if you have a problem with that, that is fine. My husband and I trust each other and one of our friends is a gal he knew back in the day. We actually  hang out with them on a regular bases and they are two of our closest friends. They have helped ups and we have helped them. So do me a favor if you do not agree with it that is fine that is your choice but please do not try to tell me that we are doing things wrong because we are doing what works for us.


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